1. Proceduralization and Skill-specificity of English Modals as a Result of Input Form-focused Practice

Pages 1-23


Mehrnoosh Fakharzadeh

2. A Comparative Study of Anticipatory it Lexical Bundles in Applied Linguistics and Analytical Chemistry Research Articles

Pages 24-42


Hassan Jalali

3. On Translating Humor and Character Delineation in Iran’s War Literature

Pages 43-53


Mahdieh Karbalaei; Katayoon Afzali

4. Tracking down the Academic Target Needs of Undergraduate Students of English Language and Literature in a Non-Native context

Pages 54-73


Mahdieh Nouri; Golnar Mazdayasna

5. The Use of Audiovisual Translation Software in Second Language Teaching

Pages 74-85


Juan José Martínez Sierra