Exploring the Relationship between Teachers’ Creativity, Classroom Management, Age and Gender

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Exploring the Preferred Achievement Goal Orientation of Iranian EFL Learners and Its Relationship with Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement

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Application of Ellipsis and Lexical Cohesion in Subtitling and Dubbing: The Case of Prison Break TV Series

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The Effect of Self-Directed Training on ESP Learners’ Self-Directed Learning Readiness

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A Corpus Based Study of Adjectives in Literary and Technical Texts

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The Use of Audiovisual Translation Software in Second Language Teaching

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English Learners' Metaphors and Images of Vocabulary Learning

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Consecutive Interpretation Training: Challenges and Solutions

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The Count/Mass Distinction and the English Article System at the Interface: On the Learnability of Interpretable Features by Persian-Speaking Learners

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The Chaotic World and the Entropic Crisis in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49

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Postcolonial Recycling of the Oriental Vampire: Habiby’s Saraya, The Ghoul’s Daughter and Mukherjee’s Jasmine

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Study of the Iranian EFL Students' Errors in the Pronunciation of Ten High-frequency Technology-related English Loan Words

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Challenges of Translating Persian Books of Islamic Laws into English

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Rehumanizing the Migrant: The Translated Past as A Resource for Refashioning the Contemporary Discourse of the (Radical) Left

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The Ethics of Volunteerism in Translation: Translators without Borders and the Platform Economy

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Application of Polysystem Theory to English to Persian Translations of Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Native vs. Novice Nonnative Writers’ Use of Conjunctions in Conference Abstracts of Soft vs. Hard Sciences

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Intralingual Translation: A Study of Regular English and VOA Special English

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Exploring Translation Students’ Perceptions about Designed Materials for Legal Translation Course

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Comparing Teaching Metacognitive Strategies on IELTS Candidates in Online and Face-to-Face Classes

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Translating Proper Names through Foreignizing/Domesticating Strategies: The Case Studies of To the Lighthouse and The Waves

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A Pragmatic Exploration of the Temporal Discourse Marker Thumma in Parallel Corpora of Two Persian Translations of the Quran

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The Impact of Creative Literacy Activities on the Reading Motivation and Reading Comprehension of Young Learners: Evidence from CLIL and EFL Settings

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