The Role of Academic Confidence and Grit in Willingness to Communicate of Iranian EFL Students in Outside, Inside and Online Classrooms

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Reception of Louis Cha’s Martial Arts Fiction in English and French Speaking Worlds: A Sentiment Analysis

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Designing and Validating a Scale for EFL Instructor’s Apprehension Sources Considering Students’ Achievement

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Efficacy of Instatext for Improving Persian-English Freelance Translators' Language Quality: From Perception to Practice

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Utilizing Scaffolding Strategies to Improve Iranian Intermediate EFL Students’ Grammatical Knowledge

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Emergency Remote Teaching in Rural High Schools during the Pandemic: Exploring Iranian English Teachers’ Teaching and Assessing Practices

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The Effect of Reading Humorous Texts on Iranian EFL Learners’ Collocations Learning

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Learner-Based and Learner-Context-Based Factors in Lexical Transfer: An Analysis of the Influence of Dongxiang and Chinese on Learners’ English as a Third Language

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Exploring the Perception of Translation Educators about the Need for Teaching Translation Theories to Undergraduate Students of Translation Studies

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Examining EFL Learners' Dual Perspectives: Affective and Cognitive Aspects of Self-Regulated Grammar Learning Strategies

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Translational Façade, Authorial Text: Translational Artifice in James Morier’s The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan

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Exploring Rhetoric of Motives in Ali Smith’s Political Novel Autumn

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Perceptions, Skills, and Technologies for the Revitalization of Translation Industry in the Post COVID-19 Era: An Empirical Evidence from Saudi Arabia

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One Step Closer to the Theorization of Berman’s Retranslation Hypothesis: Analysis of Farsi (Re)translations of The Little Prince

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Vocabulary Retention of EFL Learners through the Application of ANKI, WhatsApp and Traditional Method

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Effects of Metacognitive Strategy Teaching on Intermediate L2 Learners’ Listening Comprehension

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Dovetailing Written Corrective Feedback to ESP Courses for Students of Allied Medical Sciences

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Professional Identity and Practice of Iranian EFL Teacherpreneurs in Virtual Affinity Spaces: A Qualitative Study

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Teaching Literature through the Construction of an English Children’s Drama: A Vygotskian Perspective

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The Effect of Flipped Learning Pattern (FLP) in Terms of Problem-Based Teaching Approach (PBTA) on Applicants’ Self-Directed Learning (SDL) Towards the English Courses

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The Development of EFL Learners’ Syntactic Knowledge and its Relationship to Writing Quality

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A Study of Saleh Hosseni’s Style in Three English Novels Translated into Persian through Universals of Translation

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From Needs Analysis to Book Evaluation: The Case of SAMT English for the Students of Dentistry

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Exploring Linguistic Modifications of Machine-Translated Literary Articles: The Case of Google Translate

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Gender-Specific Charactonyms in Persian Translation of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2

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Abdolreza Rostami